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This album represents, to me, a turning point in myself in many ways. When I began writing the songs that would become this album I was very sure of myself and my path, where I wanted to be and how I wanted to get there. But near the middle of the album's creation I did some thinking about my life and ended up making some very significant life changes and in turn felt like a lot of the songs meant different things to me. At the same time my family was upset by a few very drastic events, leading to another rethinking of the album. This album is the product of more than a year and a half of work, countless rewrites, and many hours stuck in my room hunched over my compy thinking that its not worth finishing. Enjoy the sum of that work, the Ends to my means.

A very special thanks to all the people that made this album a reality. Much love and many thanks go out to my parents for everything they have given and continue to give me, Antea, Stefania, and the late Cliff Roberts for the use of some incredible handcrafted guitars and a wonderful room to record in, my brother Miles for his great drumming, Evan and Kayana from Jelani Sei for their help with bass and vocals, as well as Taylor, Elly, and DevinRé for their incredible vocal performance on Sweet Dreams, Kayleigh for the wonderful picture and photoshoot, all of my friends who have supported me through all of their love and inspiration, and H, who has inspired my life in every step I've taken.

We also created two music videos for two of the songs -
Sweet Dreams - www.youtube.com/watch?v=9PhRQ821EAM
I Wrote This On My Phone in My Room Thinking of You - www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wzh8mWP6Q2g


released October 28, 2016

-- Credits --
Lev Ziskind - Producer, composer*, recording engineer, vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, electric chord organ, mandolin, percussion, album art editing
Miles Ziskind - Drums, percussion
Evan Lawrence - Recording and performing all bass
Kayana Guity, Taylor McCoy, Elly Ellyé, DevinRé Adams - Choir on Sweet Dreams

Kayleigh Dutra - Album art photography

Recorded at- My room, my basement, Miles' apartment, Evan's bedroom, the Roberts' residence

*Engine - Composed by Jeff Mangum. All rights reserved to him and Neutral Milk Hotel Records, I claim no ownership. The arrangement is original.*



all rights reserved


Lev Ziskind Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I am a musician from Philly.

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Track Name: Don't Ask Me
This track is a re-write of the original. This song actually holds a lot of sour emotions for me and when I first wrote it it became a really sad acoustic ballad, and it didn't fit the album.
Track Name: Engine (Neutral Milk Hotel Cover)
This song is a cover by Neutral Milk Hotel. This band has inspired my music since the first time I heard them and I really like this song.
All rights to Jeff Mangum and Neutral Milk Hotel Records, I do not own this song.
Track Name: Warm Winter
This song is about my dropping out of school and how weird it felt. This was the very last time my electric keyboard was playable and while we mourn the loss, PSR-19 will live on forever in my art and heart.
Track Name: Mountain, Part One
This was written as a three part suite. The next two parts are fully written but I ran out of time and energy to keep adding songs to this album so I chose to give them their own project.
Track Name: Sweet Dreams
This is a song about my mental health and how stress and depression can really fuck with a person.
Track Name: I Wrote This on my Phone in my Room Thinking of You
This song is why the album took more than a year and a half to complete. I worked on this song for that time, working out how to make it sound like it did in my head and I think it finally reached that point.